Monday, January 2, 2017

Sensi's First Christmas - An Adoption Update

Celebrating Christmas with Sensi gave us a fresh love for the holiday. All our senses experienced renewed appreciation for Christmas songs and movies, candies and presents, decorations and traditions, lights and stories. Each time we introduced Sensi to a new aspect of Christmas, we also enjoyed its novelty. The greatest joy, though, came when I overheard my daughters coaching Sensi on the true meaning of Christmas.

"Sensi, is Christmas about presents?" Claire asked.

Sensi shook his head.

"Is it about Santa?" Margot quizzed.

Sensi shook his head.

"Is it about Jesus?"

Sensi nodded. (This took several practice rounds to perfect!)

A bonus of the season: Christmas bolstered Sensi's vocabulary. We heard him repeat the words Christmas, Santa, wreath, tree, presents, and, every night before bed: snow, snow, snow. Sensi strains to speak; garbled words tumble out of taut lips. But he continues to advance.

The day after Christmas the snow melted. Temperatures crept up and tepid rains fell. When Sensi spied the scene from the bathroom window, he began to weep. His whimper breaks my heart; tears leave conspicuous streaks down his dark cheeks.
Later that day, we drove to my parents for our third and final Christmas. On the way Sensi answered one of Liz and my looming questions: How will we know if Sensi is sick? Answer: The pile of Chicken McNuggets in the parking lot.

Three Christmases proved too much. While Sensi did not grow tired of presents, movies, and food, he showed a longing for home at the end of four days at my parents. In addition to time with family, we shopped and visited a friends. Each time we piled in the car, Sensi muttered, "Home." He wanted his own bed, toys, and space. We all did.
Christmas travels require us to leave our comforts and suspend our routines for a time. I wanted my slippers and morning quiet time. Liz wanted her rice bag and daily walk. Claire and Margot wanted their kitten and family meals. Sensi wanted his bed and parents' undivided attention.

This longing for home at Christmas is all too appropriate, for it's native to the original Christmas story. The Son of God left the comforts and routines of heaven for a temporary stay on earth. By the time Jesus reached Gethsemanae, I hear one word tumbling from his taut lips: "Home."

We eventually took Sensi home. We did not stop for Chicken McNuggets on the return trip.

*Sensi inspired the introduction to a Christmas Sermon entitled More than Wonderful. I've embedded the Prezi for it below:

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