Monday, March 28, 2016

Arrived in Addis Ababa Alive

We are alive, but one bag did not make it across the Atlantic Ocean. Inside it held my laptop and all our gifts for our son. The representative at baggage claim told me the luggage would arrive on Tuesday. Thus my updates are restricted to the Blogger App. This forces me to be concise - a foreign language.

My wife and daughters were troopers. We amassed a total of twenty hours of movie watching and piles of picked at airplane food. Claire started the fourth Harry Potter book; Margot played hours of Text Tumble; Liz fought anxiety (and mostly won); and I ate snacks.

Our resolve finally suffered when the visa line crept like rush hour traffic, one suitcase went incognito, and aggressive bag boys requested extra tips ("for the boss").

Nevertheless, we arrived in Addis Ababa. A driver took us to our hotel where we have leg room, WiFi, and free reign on the bathroom. Things are looking up for this traveling crew. Now if we can just stay awake