Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Blessed, Glorious, and Mysterious View

Ephesians is a salve for the bad press the church receives. The apostle Paul provides a blessed, glorious, and mysterious view of the church. The redeeming work of the Triune God goes beyond saving individual souls, to reconciling Jew and Gentile and summing up the heavens and earth in Jesus. Christian must learn to embrace their God-given identity, the heavenly view, described in this letter, rather than believing the bad press.

The heavenly view tells the church she is powerful (not powerless), mysterious (not boring), beautiful (not gross), holy (not stained), universal (not exclusive), triumphant (not dying), and relevant (not outdated). What applies to the whole applies to individuals in the church: saints, beloved, forgiven, empower, sealed, alive, raised, and renewed.

Churches make a mistake when they pin their identity to a particular style, ministry, denomination, or philosophy. No amount of savvy marketing will outdo Paul's description of the church in Ephesians. Christ-followers do not need to improve their branding, they must embrace their God-given identity.

God Gets Flesh - John 1:1-18 sermon

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