Monday, November 23, 2015

Evangelical Brothers Rooming with a Runner

I shared a hotel room with three other guys in downtown Atlanta last week. We convened there for the National Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) meeting -- a.k.a., Christian Nerd-fest, replete with bow ties and beards -- to think through a theology of marriage and family, among other topics. My attendance was also spurred on by the discount books and meaningful dialogue.

The four of us crammed into a single Motel 6 room, vying for bathroom time and sharing two full sized beds. I slept terribly and my digestion revolted. Fortunately, our conversations about family, ministry, and the Bible were rich. And I was able to maintain my running routine.

I always pack my running gear when I travel. Not only do I want to make up for the billion calories I consume at restaurants or fast food joints, I also love to experience a new city or landscape while jogging. The view from the street while buzzing past buildings, city parks, and pedestrians only rivals the skyline scene.

In recent years I have run the crowded Washington DC Mall, the industrial Newark (NJ) Airport roadways, scenic Carpinteria (CA) beachfront, and competed in the bustling Chicago Marathon. 

Last Tuesday I set out from my hotel to Olympic Park, making two laps before returning. Although the route was short, I came back drenched in perspiration. I removed my sweaty socks, took off my sweaty shirt, shed my sweaty pants... (Any more details would verge on pornography, so to the point...) These soiled garments couldn't go straight to my bag for fear of making the rest of my clothes musty. Unfortunately, I didn't have a line to hang them on. So I improvised. Sweaty running gear accented door knobs, light fixtures, and the TV screen.

Rooming with a runner has few benefits. The other guys may feel good when I launch out and they lounge around. Or they may feel guilt when I get up early to exercise and they sleep in. They may feel gluttonous when I counter my calories and they keep consuming.  Most likely, they may feel gross when they find my wet boxers briefs dangling from the shower head.

Fortunately, my roommates extended grace when I stunk up the place. That is the benefit of rooming with Christian brothers.

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Matt Boren said...

Gross, I would never do that...