Monday, April 20, 2015

Heaven and Hell

Jesus spoke about heaven and hell. He did not always use those terms, but He was well aware of life after death. The longing for eternal life originated in the Garden of Eden, and God kept it alive by glimpses of heaven through the tabernacle, covenant blessings, and prophetic promises. New Testament authors confirmed the hope of heaven and reality of hell. The latter describes the place of separation from God, where those who have never walked with God will continue to live apart from Him.

Surely, there is confusion about heaven and hell because the Bible does not always speak clearly on the topic. Moreover, many near-death experiences cloud the conversation with vivid first-hand witnesses. This sermon aims to clear up some confusion by tracing the redemptive threads of heaven and hell. By the end, our hope for restoration should dissolve our fear of condemnation.

God Gets Flesh - John 1:1-18 sermon

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