Monday, October 6, 2014

The Invention of Wise Guy

I invented Wise Guy to serve as the spokesman for my current sermon series in the Proverbs. He shares an uncanny resemblance to me - facial hair and gray mop excluded. But he fashions himself after Uncle Sam and King Solomon.

Every Sunday I welcome Wise Guy into our worship service. He visits us via satellite (or Ethernet) to answer a pressing question. I'm harvesting inquires from my congregation because I value participation and my creativity has limits.

So far we've asked Wise Guy about selfies, making friends, finding lost things, and error codes on the computer. More questions are in the queue:
  • What do I do about a pesky neighbor?
  • What do I say to a husband who has gotten carried away with Rock Band and cannot sing?
  • How do I get my kids to clean their rooms?

Wise Guy dispenses unconventional wisdom. His answers are not always orthodox or predictable; Bible verses do not attend his counsel. He tends to digress into "when I was a boy" stories or political rants - something directly tied to advanced ages.

And yet, I treasure Wise Guy's partnership in preaching. For Wise Guy gives the people at my church something to laugh about before we dive into ancient Hebrew instruction. This is good: for laughter is tasty medicine (Proverbs 17:22).

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