Monday, May 12, 2014

Healing on Hold

Politics won't heal this place:
Their restricted range of motion
can't change the heart, just stirs emotion.

Religion won't heal this place:
Its restrictive way of living
can't change the soul, just buys forgiving.

Education won't heal this place:
Its standardized mode of operation
can't change the mind, just gives information

Medication won't heal this place:
The prescribed drug of the day
can't change our mortality, just slows decay.

Health and wealth and Hollywood won't heal this place:
Their excessive and endless voices
can't change our suffering, just add choices.

Prophets and poets and pastors won't heal this place:

They create another world with verbs and verses
for God to invigorate with changed hearts and souls and minds.

There God makes mortal man eternal.
There God puts suffering to sleep.
There healing begins.

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