Monday, February 24, 2014

How iMovie Will Improve Our Church

I've been making bad videos for years. Until recently, I've settled with Windows Live Movie Maker. The faulty program crashed constantly. Previous stabs at movie production with Wondershare, Video Studio, and Flip Movie Maker likewise proved fruitless.

Everything changed in December. I bought an iPad for the church and fell in love with iMovie. While it certainly has limitations, the program edits with ease, creates a crisp picture, and allows for enough diversity in transition, titles, image overlay, and audio control to keep me happy.

I've wanted to integrate more video into my ministry. Whether I'm marketing an event with a digital mashup, celebrating a person with a video montage, or expanding my teaching with a Vimeo stream, I plan to leverage video.

If anything else, making movies enlivens my creative hemisphere, which can get buried in sermon notes, grocery lists (yes, I sometimes shop for the church), and organizational responsibilities. When I lose my margin for creativity, I will quit my job and collect tolls on the expressway.

Things you should know - toilet paper from Leesburg Grace on Vimeo.

The current series of videos is called "Things You Should Know..." I highlight various aspects of our church facilities. It's a primer on Leesburg Grace Brethren Church...building. Theologically, I know the church is people, not a physical location. But people hide from the camera. I've found it's less invasive to take footage of toilet bowls on Tuesday than people singing Chris Tomlin songs on Sunday. 

Most importantly, I'm convinced people feel a greater sense of ownership in their church, if they know their way around the building.

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Matt Boren said...

Your videos have gotten noticeably better...