Monday, January 6, 2014

A Better Life - Goals for 2014

My life is an ongoing experiment. I modify my diet, change my schedule, alter my exercises, vary my reading intake, and meddle with different hobbies. I'm in pursuit of the better version of me built on the foundation of God's grace and fueled by red-blooded ambition.

In 2014 my better includes learning archery and playing records. I purchased a compact bow with birthday money last April. My daughter bought me arrows for Christmas. I've been doing pushups so I have the strength to draw the string back.

A week ago I bought my first four records; I do not yet own a record player. In the near future, I suspect I shall own one. Music on a turntable, so I've been told, offers better sound.

As each new year rolls around, this spirit of self-improvement seizes me. I begin to plan for my next marathon, outline my next book, plot my next backpacking trip. The fact that many of the previous year's goals remain outstanding is no impediment to me. As my childhood pal Pat just remarked, "I'm a really positive person." This explains my resonance with the fabled Little Engine that Could.

I think I can do 300 push ups a week
I think I can finish a marathon, complete a triathalon, and run two 5K races this year.
I think I can jog 750 miles in 2014.
I think I can finish two manuscripts I've already started.
I think I can read through the Bible.
I think I can share my faith (in detail) ten times.
I think I can shoot a bulls-eye with an arrow.
I think I can... (even if I didn't last year)
I think I can... (do all things through Christ who strengthens me [taken out of context from Phil. 4:13])

Even if these goals don't make a better me, I take heart. A better hope and anchor exist in Jesus, Son of God, Eternal High Priest, and Author of my faith (Heb. 12:1). Indeed, an upcoming sermon series in the book of Hebrews holds more promise for improvement than any Daniel Plan, Virtue Challenge, or railroad trip. Life will be better in 2014...whether I hit a bulls-eye or not.

Notes From A Snowy Day At Leesburg Grace from Leesburg Grace on Vimeo.

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