Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Note to Self

Dear Self,

Some days will discourage you. Personal goals and productivity will rush out the door like fire drill sergeants. Energy and enthusiasm will ebb, not flow. Distractions will distract and critics will criticize. They'll buffet your sense of control and good intention.

You might be playing the part of husband or dad, pastor or peer, child of God or recovering egoist. Discouragement crouches at every door.

On days like this you might want to give up and move away. That cabin in the woods will whisper to you. That green grass will lure you to another side. That new start will promise to revive you.

Don't buy it. Don't cash out. Don't move on.

You've had those days. They've come and gone. Frustrations always abated. Anxieties  always dwindled. Ambition always rebounded. Personal experience has borne witness: New mercies come in the morning.

Believe me, Self.

More importantly, believe God's Word. He said it first: Tomorrow will take care of itself; and God will take you, Self.

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Matt Boren said...

Is it gone already... I can't believe you removed this.