Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Becoming Awesome

Product DetailsI bought a self-help book. Start is the title. John Acuff is the author. He wrote it with wit, a wry grin behind every key stroke.

The dust jacket of Start tells me to "Punch Fear in the Face. Escape Average. Do Work that Matters." I'm a pastor: there's nothing average about my daily diet of coffee talks, mass emails, grammatical outlines, and youth group grocery stops.

But to call myself awesome is a stretch.

My blog readership remains low. My self-promotion leveled out in high school. My batting average in D-League church softball continues to decline. My only stupid human trick is the ability to stick out my stomach so that I look pregnant.

Awesome alludes me.

My hope, however, is that a focused read of John Acuff's book will begin the transformation. More readers, better self-promotion, increased batting average, and the ability to juggle flaming torches while reciting the alphabet backwards. Hebrew alphabet, that is.

The good news is this: Change does not happen over night (pg. 28). In fact, it starts in the morning. At 5:30. My alarm goes off. I seize the day.

Awesome begins with an incredibly average routine: Bible reading and prayer; typing and jogging; making the coffee and walking the dog; rousing my children and kissing my wife. If I can set a good tone for my home before leaving for the day, I feel like I'm ascending the path of awesome.

Awesome husband and father may not result in a pay raise or keynote speaker slot at the National Awesome Conference in Atlanta, GA, but it pleases God, honors my family, and instructs my church. That's worth losing a little of sleep over.

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Matt Boren said...

You were pretty awesome when you helped me through a rough week earlier this month...