Monday, December 10, 2012

Pastor Finally Confesses Laziness

I'm tired of being lazy. I figured if I told enough people about it, the confession might prove motivational. I mentioned it as a problem during Sunday's sermon--I hadn't taken the time to think of anything else to say. Exposing my personal flaws is much easier than biblical exegesis.

Now is the hard work of doing hard work. Mind you, "hard" is a relative term. I can read a book for hours. I can write emails and post blogs like a canon fires. I can consume calories and spit out questions like four-year old boy.

Hard work for me is making phone calls and planning meetings and sending letters and setting organizational goals and communicating organizational goals and evaluating organizational goals (and many other phrases that include the words "organizational" and "goals"). I'm still exhausted from organizing a shelf in my closet on Saturday because I'd made it a goal.

But I'm not ready to lay down and accept my indolence as a mere quirk of personality. God demands more from me. He wants me to put the shopping cart in the corral, put folded laundry in the dresser, finish my book, clarify my point, pray for the lost, floss my teeth, and learn the banjo.

In the end, my renewed effort to execute will expand my service for God. One gentleman from my church let me know his approval as he departed yesterday. "Great sermon, pastor," he said, his brow raised and handshake extra firm. He appreciated my self-disclosure. He's looking forward to the banjo.

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