Monday, December 17, 2012

Beans, Booty, and Adopting our Boys

"I'm only going to give this pitch one time," I said as our worship service commenced. "I don't want to abuse the platform. But I wanted everyone to know that Liz and I are selling freshly roasted coffee beans. I've set a few jars on the back table. They should be good for the next few weeks. Three dollars from every jar goes toward our adoption."

After the announcement my friend Micah commented to Liz, "I didn't know Tim was such a salesman."

I'm not, but every container of coffee was claimed. This was our first stab at fundraising as we wait to adopt a sibling pair from Ethiopia. We've been roasting for four weeks, waiting for eight months.

Selling beans has proven profitable. The math is simple:  $4 (beans) + $3 (donation) + $1 (refundable jar) = $8.  In a month, we've grossed $102. People from our church have rallied around us. One man only makes payments of $11. As an added bonus, the product never goes to waste. We either turn leftovers into gifts or breakfast. And the branding process--it's called the Fuller House Roast--has incorporated the artistic talents of our biological daughters.

In addition to weekly payouts from coffee sales, Liz and I received an early Christmas gift from a stellar couple in our church. They pointed to a box beneath our tree. "Get your present."

Margot couldn't lift it herself. We helped her raise it to the couch. Curious, we opened the card: "Thanks for being part of our marriage the past two years. We love the Sprankles and can't wait to love their "Fuller House."

Inside the box was a collection of gold coins and confetti. Liz teared up. I shook my head. The offering reflected a year's worth of love for us. A dollar here. Clink. A dollar there. Clink. Adoption booty.

We spread the green and red confetti on our Christmas tree; we put the booty in our bank. For the boys...we wait.

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