Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seven Things I Love about My Daughter

My eldest daughter Claire turned seven on Sunday. Becoming a father changed my life. As often as a groan about toilet paper waste and heaps of clothes on the floor, I would not trade being Claire's father for the world.

(Same with Margot, but this one's dedicated to Claire because of her birthday. I can hear the younger asking, "Did you write about me, Daddy?" And when I reply, "No," the outcry "That's not fair" would soon follow. You'll get yours when you turn six, My Dear.)

As a tribute to Claire's seventh birthday, I wanted to list seven things I love about my daughter. In no particular order...
Claire gets stylish.
  1. She learned to dress herself. There was a time when getting clothes on this child resulted in tantrums and fits suggesting mild abuse. I feared she might be stuck in flannel pajamas her whole life. Of course, the downfall of a child fond of clothing is the pricey affection for brand names.
  2. She shows bursts of independence. Whenever Claire finds me doing a task she believes she could complete, she demands an chance to help. Whether I'm holding a spatula or a circular saw, Claire thinks she can manage on her own. To date she has not lost a finger.
  3. She is just like her father. Claire does not only disbelief this notion, she rejects it. Unfortunately, her cleverness, calculated boisterousness, inability to hold a tune/remember a lyric, and penchant for narrative all reflect her father. Quite honestly, he's not a bad man to emulate. I just hope she doesn't grow into my eyebrows.
  4. She is kind. Teachers say it. Her friends say it. The cashier on aisle ten at Walmart says it. Claire shows a kindness common in quieter children, but uncommon in its constancy and selflessness.
  5. She poses good questions. Her queries reflect an understanding of God and maturing faith. She watches people and seeks to uncover their meaning. She shows an ability to read between lines and look beneath surfaces. She found her Christmas presents under our bed.
  6. She is creative. She makes up songs and stories. At times her vocabulary surprise me. While her mother and I struggle to enter Margot's Barbie marathons, Claire is at home when playing with her sister. I often pray the creative spirit will remain alive in our children as it reflects the heart of their Creator.
  7. Claire at a potty box.
  8. She is adventurous. Claire would ride a dinosaur or climb a mountain. She braves "potty boxes" and rides ahead of us on her bicycle. I expect her to board a plane some day and cross the ocean. I wouldn't be shocked if she chose to live where she landed. However, just last week she mentioned having her eye on the house across our alley. I'm okay with that scenario, too.

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