Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm a Pretty Big Deal

I spent Monday and Tuesday in meetings with guys who lead churches that could swallow mine in one gulp. They can also grow facial hair and request iPads with their administrative budget. They are visionaries, practitioners, and godly role models whose combined service in the Grace Brethren Fellowship adds up to half of a millennium. (Tom Julien tipped them over the landmark.) It is no surprise that such men do not want to see anything short of revival in our family of churches.

My contribution to the meeting was minimal. I ate my share of chocolate cake and visited the Men's Restroom more often than others. Two or three times I piped up to ask a question or provide clarification. Mostly, I listened and learned from giants.

Below is a list of takeaways. (To those who were hoping to gather information on the topics of discussion, I can only say "Sorry." What's said in the Hilton, stays in the Hilton.)

  • Christians are not supposed to set Hairy goals, but Holy ones (the 'H' in Collins' BHAG has been Christianized).
  • Either men have become better at multitasking, or they find their mobile devices more engaging than group discussion.
  • There is a Farming Model of Evangelism, which is dirtier than Friendship Evangelism.
  • Movemental is a word (even though Blogger and Microsoft Word don't acknowledge it. Nor will I add it to my dictionary). However, if you type it into YouTube, you might watch some wicked Parkour videos.
  • Spontaneous prayer movements require detailed planning and good teleconference services.
  • "Irish pubs are good places to do evangelism," says an unnamed member of our meeting. They're also a good place to buy beer.
  • Church is hard to define.
  • Canadians like to box.
  • I'm a pretty big deal.
The last takeaway became my summary response to the question I was asked several times: "Why did you go to Ohio for meetings."

"Because I'm a pretty big deal."

Humor aside: There is work to do. Our Fellowship of Churches needs us. Great and small alike.

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