Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Worshiping with Surround Sound

Our worship team often cannot hear themselves on stage. One instrument drowns out the others. The melody gets buried beneath monitor mixes and hot guitars. I don't notice from the auditorium. I'm too distracted by the children in our worship service, who provide their own surround sound.

Josh taps marker caps on the table; Tina asks him to be quiet. Ellie punctures a Styrofoam plate with a ballpoint pen; I redirect her. Annie dances in the aisle; her father helps her twirl.

This is a typical Sunday morning: lots of noise. Some static. Some symphonic. Mostly joyful.

Then Margot tugs on her mother's sleeve to present a drawing; Liz is proud.

"It's Jesus," Margot explains. "He's protecting a girl from the storm." Margot's theology is sound; her sense of proporiton has room to improve.

The same Jesus who commands storms in Margot's art is the one who invited children into his company. Children: Noisy, messy, and prone to run with scissors. Jesus loves them. Let them come.


Matt Boren said...

I love this form of worship at our church...

Imploring my Father said...

I wish I could find this in a church here. This is one of my favorite things about our church. I love the perspective it brings.