Monday, October 29, 2012

Pastor Admits to Doing B-Work

A man in my church admitted to doing B-work on his doctoral program. He also made it to every one of his son's soccer games during his son's senior campaign. The father's priorities were clear.

The comment reminded me of a confession my wife made one day after she engaged in an all-day Barbie marathon with our youngest daughter."I'll never look back on my life and say, 'I wish I would've done more dishes when the girls were young.'"

Or folded more laundry. Or dusted more blinds.

Many older mothers likely lament missed opportunities with their children. Many older fathers likely regret staying late at work while their sons batted cleanup. Or played second doubles. Or nailed the solo in a concert performance. Or struggled with math homework.

An "A" in one area of life results in a "B-work" elsewhere. I almost dumped my to-be wife in college because Greek paradigms enticed me. And cross country races. And campus ministry. Good grades earned me a distinguished diploma. Liz has made me a better man.

The struggle for success becomes much more manageable when I determine what areas of life demand A-level attention. As a small church pastor, my weekly responsibilities range from sermon creation to counseling to curriculum development to loving neighbors to discipleship to vision-casting to directing YouTube videos to board meetings to program management to event planning to office administration to pencil-sharpening to folding bulletins to communications to teamwork to to writing blogs to equipping to ordering cheap crap from Oriental Trading.

(B-level film created by Tim Sprankle)

I am not a straight-A pastor; I don't strive to be. Business books and Andy Stanley tell me I should find what I'm best at (i.e., A-level) and find that "seat on the bus." There's only one problem: I've always had a problem sitting still.


Kyle said...

Great post! - your "B" treasurer

4suchatimeasthis said...

A+ perspective, Pastor Tim!