Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TJ Maxx and a Brilliant Metaphor

T.J. Maxx makes it debut in Warsaw any day now. They have a sign along IN 15, the parking lot is paved, posters adorn the windows, and a banner flies over the doorway. Coming soon!

The signage confuses me. From all appearances, T.J. Maxx is there. I can see a building, lights on and clothing visible through the window. But no bodies. No workers. No shoppers. Just an empty building.

So what is T.J. Maxx? A building? A brand name? An overstock of discount merchandise? Or is it something more?

Perhaps the store is the sum total of workers and shoppers, inventory and advertising, cash registers, operating hours, and credit card consoles. Indeed: We are guilty of oversimplification when we call T.J. Maxx a discount retailer.

We commit the same sin when we limit the definition of church to a building or a service.

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Matt Boren said...

Does this mean we are going to start meeting at TJ Maxx? Just kidding, well said.