Monday, April 9, 2012

Tom Tom

I am sitting in a board room with two Toms. They are making points they've made before. They are asking questions they've asked before. They are leaders. It is what they do.

I sit next to a young man named Jeremy. He and I are listening to points we've heard before. We're considering questions we've considered before. We are pastors. It is what we do.

What I've learned from Jeremy and the two Toms in our recurring interactions is that we repeat ourselves often. Any leadership value worth applying is worth restating.

"So," says Tom, "leaders are not called to do ministry, but to equip others to do the work of ministry."

"And," says Tom, "we tend to see the ministry giftings [of Ephesians 4] through the lens of our own gifting. The apostolic guy..."

"This," says Jeremy, "exposes the need in our Fellowship for deeper theological dialogue."

Round and around it goes. We all agree that we want motion for our Fellowship of churches. I'm certain we won't settle for spinning in circles. The older I get, the more I cherish my equilibrium.

Tom agrees. "Balance is one of the most important things we can discover and practice," he says in the board room. Later that week he will write me an email restating the value, repeating the claim.

Any leadership value worth applying is worth stating. Tom and Tom are teaching me that.

Part 5 of Travels with Tom

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