Monday, November 7, 2011


I wanted to shake my tail feathers but I was sitting in church. While the dance policy is not in writing, it's understood that dancing is prohibited. That is, unless you're young enough to miss all the innuendos in the movie Rio.

The film is a visually stimulating tale about birds in love, about overcoming fears, about fighting for friends, and, at the basest level, about procreation. The flashing colors, fighting monkeys, and festive music mask the exotic undertones. Lionel Richie brings them to the fore.

Last night our church consumed Rio and popcorn. My wife and children had seen it, but I'd only caught the tale end. (Sorry for that). I was a little nervous, however, because I'd read the review on Plugged In Online, Focus on the Family's movie review extension. The website does a good job of communicating positives and negatives elements of a film. They provide specific details to support their critique.

Reading their review of Rio had me wondering if I had authorized cartoon pornography as an outreach event. I was a mess. I had sent postcards around to fifty families to spoil their minds with the debauchery of Brazilian birds! Among its list of vices was cross-dressing, rap music, two-piece bathing suits, and dancing. They even referenced Lionel Richie!

Then I watched the movie. It was fun, noble, and did not live up to the warnings waged by Christian movie reviews. We can make things sound worse than they are.

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