Thursday, October 13, 2011

Solving Hunger

Last Sunday night, as my children complained about their empty bellies, and I lamented the depleted pantry at my in-laws, I made a game-time decision. I ordered carry-out from Pizza Hut. With my coupon I saved four dollars. And according to the box, I may have saved lives.

The newest push to stave off global hunger is the most appetizing to date. Apparently, eating Pizza Hut is humanitarian. Never before have I been so motivated to practice gluttony. Never before have church youth groups experienced such potential for social justice.

What Pizza Hut has deemed "Sharing a Slice of Hope," is a clever marketing tool. Teaming up with World Food Programme and Zynga (an online gaming platform that blends virtual play with actual relief), Pizza Hut has harnessed our culture's favorite pastime (i.e., eating) for global healing.

America: the land of the free-market and the home of the obese.
America: where football is a fantasy and grease is charitable.
America: where hope is in slices, and everyone can have a piece of the pie.

Eat up, America. It's game time!

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