Monday, October 3, 2011


My wife and will have a home study in a few weeks. I should really clean up the puddle of sewage in the basement. They assured us the inspection is more about our parenting, emotional health, and personal backgrounds than the state of our home, but I've already filled the mop bucket.

What I know about adoption is akin to what I know about Hebrew. I can't brag about it, shouldn't blog about it, and know it requires a lot of spit, sweat, and furious effort. The agencies we work with, both nationally and internationally, are interested in why Liz and I want to adopt. They will want to know our rationale and plan.

What inspired us to adopt? What assures we'll parent well?

These are thick questions, and I hope the answer translates well. The quick and easy to both question is prayer. Unfortunately, this answer will not suffice for every question related to adoption:
  • How will you discipline? "Prayer."
  • How will you pay for this? "Prayer."
  • How will your family adapt to becoming bi-racial? "Prayer."
  • How will style your adoptive child's hair. "Essential oils and Prayer."
I don't want to be naive. Neither do I want to over analyze the process. We do this because the love of Christ compels us. Our plan starts with cleaning up the mess on the basement floor.

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