Monday, May 30, 2011

Terrible Things

My cousin pitched me a set of Cutco knives today for eight hundred dollars. My life insurance salesman is pushing annuities at a good rate. Some lady wants my wife to buy sixty-dollar vitamins to help her stomach settle. I almost forgot to send the offering baskets around church again this week. And we spent forty dollars on a dinner date a few nights ago.

Oh money, you terrible thing.

I've been preaching through the prophets. They talk a storm about Israel and her forbidden lovers. Idols carved of wood and overlaid with gold. Idols taking bribes and preaching peace. Idols for him. Idols for her. Idols for kids on gluten-free diets.

Oh idols, you terrible things.

Idolatry doesn't come up in casual conversation, unless it relates to pop stars and wannabes. But there are others. Health and wealth. Sex and fame. Power and glory. Facebook and other digital distractions. They rival God for our affections. We are slow to call them idols. It's what they are--terrible things.

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