Monday, February 14, 2011

Ego Shot

When a third of the Underground Church participants leave halfway through my presentation, my ego feels punched. I am just getting warmed up. My critique of the current Social Justice movement is reaching its crescendo. My story about whipped cream and embarrassing family moments is just around the corner. Then an entire table stands up and announces their departure.

Smack! Pow! Kazaam!

I've been punched before. My brother punched my arm whenever I flinched. Pop! Crack! And I survived several school yard tussles as a kid. Bam! Crash! Bloody noses stop bleeding. Bruises and broken bones eventually heal. But a wounded ego requires special attention.

Immediately, I begin to wonder if the remaining listeners are equally ready to leave. Eyelids are shutting, tea lights expiring. A half hour remains until midnight, and I have yet to trace diachronically the Old Testament's method of evangelism. (Riveting, I know, but this is what we paid for: Pizza and in-depth study of the OT.)

So I do what any wounded ego would do. I tell my story about whipped cream. It is self-depreciating and nakedly human. The remnant laughs and gives me permission to move forward. I do.

"Turn to Joshua 24..."

A reflection on my teaching opportunity at an Underground Church event in Warsaw, IN, inspired by The Church at Brook Hills. I discussed the OT narrative and Environmentalism, Social Justice, and Evangelism in the OT.

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