Thursday, February 3, 2011


In our bi-weekly accountability meeting, my brother-in-law confessed his distaste for confrontation. We sat at a booth at Pizza Hut. To this point, I had eaten a Caesar salad, serving of pasta primavera, two breadsticks, and five pieces of pizza. I was waiting for the dessert tray to be refreshed. Christian accountability is as good a reason as any to practice gluttony.

We spoke in particulars. Who and why confrontation was needed. I asked a simple question: "Did you confront her?" (I won't say who she is; accountability relationships are sworn to secrecy.)

"No," Aaron replied. "I am melgreen."

"You're what?" I asked.

Aaron explained: The father-in-law we share by having married sisters, is named Mel. Until recently, Mel worked in the corporate world. In the corporate world, bosses occasionally provide personality test to their workers to determine personality types and emotional IQs. Mel's boss wanted to know what color he was. Mel was green. And green is the color of compliance, harmony, and conflict avoidance.

What my brother-in-law was trying to say is: "As it is relates to confrontation, I am like Mel, I am green." What he said is, "I am Mel: green." What I heard is: I am melgreen.

Thus in a small town Pizza Hut booth, where two accountability partners consumed a sum of 5000 calories for lunch, a new term was birthed.

Melgreen (n.) the deliberate and complete avoidance of confrontation.

Use it wisely.

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