Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm speaking at a youth retreat this weekend. The afternoon is dedicated to free time, so I went exploring the town of Gladwin, MI, which boasts two coffee shops that do not have wireless Internet. So I am at Pizza Hut, working on my third Diet Pepsi. The consolation is the fact that my server filled the glass with more ice than soda.

My escape to WiFi land during free-time is perhaps hypocritical. While students are skating about the camp on frozen lakes and snow-covered paths, I've hidden myself in a virtual environment. Earlier in the day I talked about the false community (and pseudo-fame) that are implied by blog followers and Facebook friends. Get sunlight and smell people's breath, I suggested. Mine smells like garlic and Alfredo sauce.

Herein lies my dilemma: I talk about real connection and hide myself in a Pizza Hut franchise to write blogs and make YouTube videos. The thing about this location, compared with Good News Camp, is I can control my digital landscape with the click of a button. The myth of control tempts us all. In fact, it is the topic of my next session (cf. Matt. 4:8-11).

Thus, I am not a hypocrite after all, but simply a participant of the passage.

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