Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sex Talk

Tomorrow I travel to Malone University to talk about sexuality. The title for the event is PMS...even guys deal with it. I'm not discussing cramps and mood swings, but Pornography, Masturbation, and Sex.

My buddy, a Resident Director at the university, selected me to converse with his students. One of them asked, "What makes him qualified to teach us about the subject?"

The answer is simple: I have sex. Good sex. Indeed, my wife and I rather delight in the process. Moreover, in a world rampant with sexual dysfunction, addiction, and perversion, shame on godly voices deferring to the godless culture on the topic. I will not defer.

Many parents don't talk about sex with their children; health teachers and peers do.

Many pastors don't talk about sex with their congregation; television and advertisements do.

Many small groups and married couples don't talk about sex with their Christian peers; fraternities and sororities do.

Sex is an uncomfortable topic because of Christian deference. We have allowed our culture to take a sacred pleasure and distort it into carnal play. It is sacred because its context is intended for marriage, in which intimacy reaches its logical extreme: Two become one (Gen. 2:18-24; 1 Cor. 6:12-20). It is pleasure because it is good.

Carnal play reverses the intended progression of relationships. Relationships should move from infatuation to frustration to maturation. Intimacy should deepen in each phase. Unfortunately, we're duped into believing sex is the assurance of intimacy. And we trust the campaign that promises sex will birth intimacy.


Deep relationships are never the result of a single transmission. Intimacy is a cumulative good; sex is a wonderful benefit.


Anonymous said...

love this one tim!!! so true and i agree!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Yea! Yea! Can't wait bro.

Sprained Ankle said...

The talk went well. I wanted to summarize the questions students asked, so as to let interested people know the types of questions Christian college males have about sexuality.

1. How do I overcome pornography addiction?

2. Is it true that people who remained virgins until marriage struggle with their sex life early on?

3. Is masturbation a sin?

4. How do I set boundaries with my girlfriend?

5. Are they immoral forms of sex in a marriage relationship?

6. Does sex taper off after the first few years of marriage?

7. Will I (Tim) miss my wife tonight?

I will only answer the last question. Yes. I always do.

Lee Compson said...

Good stuff Tim. I ran into Rhett earlier this semester at Malone's seminary fair. It was pretty interesting to hear his perspective on the school and this sounds like a great opportunity.
I've wondered for some time if this generation of college and high school students have missed why we teach sexual purity/abstinence. It's probably the Church's own fault but we should be seeking purity and avoiding sex before marriage in order to lay the foundation for beautiful, godly, unhindered intimacy between husband and wife. You obviously were stressing that and that's pretty awesome.