Tuesday, October 13, 2009


At our Fall Festival we sold refreshments for fifty cents. Cold winds fueled hot chocolate sales. Cookies sold by the dozens. People will throw cash at a cheap insulin boost. Energy drink sales are a testimony to our national lust for carbohydrates and fructose. Our refreshment table profited more than one hundred and fifty dollars.

I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate, so I waited until the 'For Sale' signed turned to 'Free.' In fact, I announced the sign change and took a gob. We had already paid out the prize money from the fund-raiser, so additional monies were unnecessary. I took, broke, blessed, and ate. But I was not refreshed.

After three weeks of phone calls, email confirmations, event planning, poster distribution, task management, weather forecasts, and worries, I was going to need more than cocoa and creme filling to refresh me.

My typical menu of nourishing activities includes: quality time with my wife and children, jogging, reading, writing, watching football, listening to music (and occasionally making it), and hiking. While some of these exercises are more spiritual than others, they are all important for me to maintain a healthy perspective, a guarded heart. Event planning and home improvement replaced these, leaving me malnourished. I don't thrive on fast food, gobs, and to do lists. Fortunately, God satisfies the thirsty soul (Psalm 63).


rhettedwards said...

Dude. I can't wait to see you.

rhettedwards said...

And you are a great blog writer. :-)