Monday, July 27, 2009

Women in Ministry (with Men)

Why are women so often relegated to auxiliary ministry roles?

The question was asked during the morning session of my Equip09 class. The title is Women in Ministry, which envisions knitting circles and kitchen crews. To be fair, the title was a shortened version of another proposal: Women in Ministry with Men. But the latter was too edgy, offensive, complementarian.

Everyone knows that women with teaching gifts must go over seas and disguise their theological acumen in the guise of another tongue. Everyone knows that women who lead are limited to classrooms of infants, toddlers, and their own four kids when daddy's not home. Everyone knows this.

Well, that's not quite right. Eight people in the Fellowship are wondering otherwise, asking questions, searching Scripture. And here, perhaps, is a better question: What is an auxiliary ministry? Most of us likely define it in terms of profession (i.e. the pulpit) and preference (i.e., whatever we don't do is auxiliary to us). To echo my mentor, this issue may be less about model and more about mindset.

How can we change our minds about women in ministry (with men)? Stay tuned tomorrow for my theory behind why men are spiritually passive.


Anonymous said...

cant wait!!!!

Debbie said...

You're a bunch of pot stirrers! J/K

can't wait to hear what your discussions bring forth!