Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My neighbor asked me on Resurrection Sunday if I preached 'the obligatory salvation message' since it was a Christian holiday. After hurdling the fence, knocking him senseless, and tying his shoelaces together, I said, 'But of course.' Then again, isn't it our obligation to preach the salvation message every week? In fact, Jerry Bridges exhorts Christians to preach it to ourselves every day. (See Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges)

I attended a funeral last week. The service was reflective and honorable. At the close of the ceremony, folks moved toward their cars--some directed to the cemetery, some to work. As they staggered to the parking lot, I twice heard the phrase, 'Life goes on.' Apparently, this is how we mourn in our country. (See On Death and Dying by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

Left over from our snack time at church was a partial gallon of chocolate milk. I drank what remained yesterday. A full gallon of Sunny Delight was likewise left behind. I think I'll reserve that for the rapture. (See Nutritional Facts of Sunny Delight)

An author I'm reading accused all Christians of picking and choosing what they believe from the Bible. First he said we 'adopt and adapt,' but translated that phrase into 'pick and choose.' This, he admits, is cause for the caricature of all Christians being hypocrites. Also fuel for that claim is our tendency to sin every day. (See The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight)

Fortunately we have the 'obligatory gospel message' that we hear on Sundays (when we rest (or don't)) and everyday. (See first paragraph)