Monday, March 16, 2009

Going Green

Today I am working from home because Brown is scheduled to deliver a package. With a portion of our tax-return cash, Liz and I decided to stimulate the economy. We put stock in a coffee roaster, which will be accompanied by eight pounds of green, coffee beans.

The Fresh Roast Plus is a machine for novices. It roasts a small batch in a short amount of time. It is easy to store, quiet in its churning, and protected by a warranty. In four minutes the beans will crack. In six minutes the oils will perspire. In eight minutes the process will end. And after 72 hours of setting, the beans will satisfy our caffeine deficit.

Today marks the end of an era. No more vacuum-packed, name brand, ten-dollar-a-pound coffee. We've gone green. When you compare prices, it's the sensible option. At a mere two dollars a pound, the green bean is far more budget friendly. At two dollars a pound, the green bean makes our addiction far more sustainable.

Going green is a solution to the economic crisis, that is, if we're counting beans.

NOTE: This post is dedicated to St. Patrick, the Democratic Party, and every church jumping on the environmental bandwagon.

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