Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flickering Pixels: CH 12.5

I have a dilemma, which accounts for my failure to write yesterday. After my initial permission request from Zondervan, I received another email Monday explaining the Permission Guidelines. As long as excerpts did not exceed 10% of my content, and as long as Shane Hipps's book Flickering Pixels (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009) was properly attributed, I was cleared to write. As an aspiring author (shameless plug), I didn't want to violate copyright laws.

The follow up email came from a different representative at Zondervan. The details in the second email were modified and more stringent. My citations are limited to 500 words, and I cannot publish my blog in an anthology without prior, written permission. The correspondent also mentioned a licensing fee.

You can imagine my horror and surprise. I'm not sure which email to believe. I would post them both here and ask for some legal interpretation, but the medium and the message came with a confidentiality notice at the bottom.

So here I am, caught between a promise (daily blogs for 17 chapters) and a law (500 words). Sadly, I did the math and counted 577 from Hipps, still with 5 chapters lingering. What is a poor pastor to do?

Do I stop reviewing? Do I edit earlier posts? Do I march forward, using no quotations but obscene paraphrase? Do I procure a contraband stock of Shane Hipps's Flickering Pixels (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2009) books that I can sell on the black market to pay for license fees and jail bonds?

I guess I'll just suggest you buy the book directly from Zondervan (bulk orders receive a discount!). I don't think they can punish me for that. Perhaps they'll even give me a cubicle in their Marketing Department.

Integrity Check
Hipps: -77
Total: 400ish
Percentage: -19%


Terry White said... was good while it lasted! I hardly think the little bit of quoting you did was damaging in any way to the sales of the book...but....

Huzzah to you for your integrity in adhering to their rules as you understand them. And we caught enough of the sense of Hipps to know whether we want to read more or not.

Keep writing--nobody's counting or controlling words YOU originate!

Sprained Ankle said...

Coming from a publisher, I appreciate the nod. How about my next blog is a tribute to the wonderful publications at BMH Books (Winona Lake, IN)? In fact, I'm interested in studying worship, and I understand there is a new work by Bruce Triplehorn that may suffice, Worship: The Golden Thread. I should purchase one. (Wink, wink.)