Monday, March 9, 2009


The Shur Zacaron is an empty bookcase, stripped of its shelves, that faces my desk. I converted it to a prayer wall because in the 20 months that I've been pastor of this church, conversions have been wanting.

Attendance has increased. Giving has increased. But conversions are wanting.

Shur Zacaron is a Hebrew transliteration for Wall of Remembrance. I converted the bookcase to a prayer wall to reflect God's work in our church. The books behind me--Tozer, Willard, Swindoll, Lewis, Peterson, Claiborne, Manning, Waltke, Mounce--reflect the work of God outside our church. Conversions happen out there often.

The idea of a prayer wall came out of a sermon. During Christmas, I looked at the prayer life of Zechariah. His prayer was pregnant with OT promises, just like his wife. Zechariah remembered (as his name would indicate) God's promises, so the preaching team and I thought our church should, too. I converted a bookshelf and made a wall. I bestowed a Hebrew name and left out four giant Sharpies for people to record promises.

I told the church contributing a line was a good way to encourage its pastor. While I'm preparing for an upcoming lesson, feeling down about a current crisis, or just plain bored, I can look up and read memories of God's faithfulness. This I often do.

Unfortunately, today as I muse the absence of conversion and paucity of zacaron, one green etching stands out: You will REAP what you sow! (Gal. 6:7).

Since being here, God has used me to convert a bookshelf: I must be sowing illiteracy.


Sprained Ankle said...

Since writing this post, two more memories have appeared on the wall. Thank you church for recalling God's faithfulness.

Scott Barger said...

Don't beat yourself up if the "transactions" aren't there.