Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I solved our economic crisis last night. Using a simple algorithm, I calculated that every use of the word historic in describing the 2008 presidential election, if taxed, redistributed, and applied to the Healthcare reform plan, could return America to her glory.

Or so we hope...audaciously....historically.

I found this to be the predominant summary of last night's result. Not race. Not landslide. Not hope. Not dangling chads and dysfunctional systems (unless you count the government). Not change. Not democratic seige. Not record turnout of young idealists and racial minorities.

No, historic was the all-encompassing word employed by the Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, Fox News, MSNBC, Colin Powell, John McCain, and Aunt Gertrude.

So this morning I celebrated being part of history by buying an historic newspaper, drinking historic coffee, having an historic conversation, eating historic biscuits topped with historic gravy, and writing an historic blog. And I can tell you this: Calling something historic makes it sound grander than it may actually be. Only tomorrow will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Our HS prom was historic...that is all I have to say!