Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My home has been overrun with fleas. It's gross and embarrassing. My cat carried them in on her fur coat: little black felis, laying eggs and sucking blood. They jump and gnaw on warm flesh. They dodge my fingertips and hide in my bed.

I've gotten to the point where I don't want to stay inside, and if I do I can't sit on the floor or couch or chair--I'll be attacked. I can't go in the basement--I'll be devoured. I've been hiding out in the bathtub for days--fleas can't swim.

My legs are covered with bite marks. My ankles are red with rash. My feet itch. I might have rabies.

The flea plague is consuming me. When I sleep I feel them in my hair. Their little legs bound up and down my spine. I see them hiding in my freckles. I hear them whispering in my ear.

And everywhere I go, they follow. Yesterday I took some to work. Today I brought some to the hospital. I dropped a few off in Florida, and sent some in the mail to Canada.

This is life in a plague. Suffering, in whatever form, seizes your body and restricts your imagination, so that every thought is essentially one: Fleas.


Warriorofprayer said...

You are somewhat wrong sir. I have been suffering most of my life from a gift that is too strong for me to control. I have gained new abilities and all that wonderful stuff my lord and master wants me to use. Every time I use it I hurt. every time I fight it, I hurt. i pray to god to be rid of the pain and suffering but not all pain and suffering is lost. It is the will of the person. If a person does not want others to read them then you can't. If a person does not allow you to help them you can't. Sometimes we create our own suffering. I know a few times I have created mine. But you should not retreat for what good is retreating inside oneself from your suffering. What good is it to hide from the fleas in a bathtub. They may be held off but as soon as you leave the suffering will always come back. Always. Unless you deal w/ it. The longer it takes the more that will come which will increase your suffering. Do not retreat. Fight. With god everything is possible. As you hide in your bathtub does your family not also suffer from the itching and taunting and biting of the fleas? Are they not attacked by the suffering you are in. Suffering affects every aspect of life but it doesn't have to control it. However it is not worth watching those that you love suffer w/ you. Relieve yourself. Relieve your family. Relieve your life. Relieve the biting and itching and scratching. Be the strong one. Take the bites and don't let others suffer with you. Protect. Sprained Ankle Sir, you are the strong one, so take your position. Stop the suffering w/ god, to stop the suffering of everyone.

Sprained Ankle said...

Although not all suffering ends this easily, I contracted a specialist to put an end to our flea problem. I wouldn't suggest spending a couple hundred bucks every time you suffer, but in this case, I should be happy with the outcome: the solution is under warranty.

It did make me feel better when I was told by an exterminator that 'it has been a really bad summer for fleas.' Misery loves company.