Monday, May 19, 2008

Let No One

I went to a CD release party for my brother-in-law in Chicago this past weekend. The 250-mile-round-trip-in-less-than-24-hours was not my greatest show of support; it was the fact that I stayed up past my bedtime. (Apparently, CDs cannot be released before sunset; it must have something to do with the Jewish calendar.) I had to wait until midnight to hear the first C-chord strummed on his guitar.

Once upon a time the notion of an all-nighter sounded romantic, especially if it included the highway and chocolate donuts. But when you lose three hours of sleep due to distance, one hour due to time zones, and a fourth hour due to a noisy cat who crawls about your chest as soon as you hit your bed, the romance wilts. You're left with red eyes, black rings, and a green stomach.

I feel old when I don't get enough sleep; I feel old when I play sports and ache the following day; I feel old when I run my fingers through my hair and twenty of them dive to the floor.

Feeling old has a remedy, though. Any time it oppresses me, I tell a stranger I'm a pastor. They automatically clarify, asking if I'm a youth pastor. I assure them I am not; I am merely young.

Fortunately, age is not what defines my ministry, it merely seasons it. Rather, my speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity are definitive characteristics (2 Tim. 4:12). Or so I pray.


Laura said...

Hey Tim! I love your blog! You are an excellent writer. Hope things are well with you and Liz and the girls :)

Warriorofprayer said...

Funny how you chose to talk about being old this week when i spoke about being young. It isn't either to be either. If you're young older people will usually label you as inexperienced. But i don't need to start talking about my blog right now. There are many times i feel old. Many times. It happens a lot. However sometimes my father thinks he's young so i don't find it a big deal. Sleep has a big effect on feeling old, especially when you're injured or sick, or had a plain rough day. A couple of times i've ran on an 1hr and a half of sleep and it's possible but u truly aren't w/ the world. Sleep means a lot for me. I think that the best sleep is the sleep that comes upon you at unexpected times. This is usually when you've been on the battlefield of life to long and God, our Commander tells us to sleep. That type of sleep has happened to me twice in my life. The one time i was younger and it lasted 8-9 hours. My father tried waking me up, my sis tried waking me up, my mother tried waking me up but nothing will wake you up. Luckily it wasn't a school day cuz they'd probably would of had to drag me there and place me in a chair or something. The other time that happened like 2 weeks ago, my father and i fell under at the same time. We instantly felt fatigued dropped our swords and shields and collapsed in a heap and were out for a couple of hours. my sister couldn't get either of us up thus causing her to have to clean the house herself making her cranky but we eventually woke up feeling refreshed. It happens to everyone. Our soul is always fighting. We have our armor of god on and are fighting in the spiritual world which eventually wheres you out and you become fatigued. Enough of that, I decided to look at the armor of god and thought about wat i was wearing. My helmet i considered a plate mail helmet, my chest plate i considered as chain mail, my leggings i considered chain mail, my boots i considered plate mail, my gloves i considered plaemail, my sword i considered really really strong but then i glanced at my shield which is a little wooden buckler. Really doesn't match the picture does it? Well that's where most people suffer spiritually. Faith wise anyways. You should review your armor of god yourself sometime and try to make improvements on it all. Anyways hang in there PT the old. You'll be fine.

willtolive said...
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