Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Resurrection Reading

We celebrated Easter by integrating some original Resurrection Readings from the LGBC body. One man from our church encouraged me to put my reading on this blog. I wrote it at the height of the DaVinci Code controversy. As all such controversies go, the minority voice hit its high note for a verse and chorus, only to be silenced by the constant melody of the Resurrection.

The DaVinci tide has crested and fallen to the shore of irrelevance; Jesus remains risen. Enjoy:

Da Vinciists and Iscariots have nothing to celebrate today. They’ve decoded their conspiracy and uncovered their truth: Jesus is dead, but his lineage lives on. They will toast his ancestry in the templar; they will honor his heritage in the masonry. They will hunt for eggs and celebrate nothing.

All they have is fiction.

Historians have become bored. History is not modern enough. Not mainstream enough. They’ve taken pen to the parchment to rewrite it. But in the process, they’ve changed genres. They’ve moved from gospel to gnosticism; they’ve shifted from faith to fiction. And in every line, they’ve undercut the credibility of our beloved Creed.

So they have nothing to celebrate today, except for eggs and sugar, family and spiral cut hams.

And yet, today marks the most mysterious of days. The day the grave lost its martyr. The day the Romans lost their victim. The day the Enemy lost his battle. The day of Resurrection.

There is a power in the resurrection that is alien to Hollywood and Random House. Thrillers and blockbusters, regardless of their packaging, cannot strip from our Story the miracle of a risen Savior. It is the power that moves mountains and heals wounds, that transforms nations and calms hearts; it is the power that dwells within us.


4suchatimeasthis said...

I would love to hear the other two readings (or read them) again, too. He is Risen.

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Warriorofprayer said...

Couldn't have put it better my self, sir. Good 2 finally see a new blog! I've been waiting 4 ages. i cannot argue w/ ur comment. i mean i probably could but i only got maybe 3 hrs of sleep so u know how the brain runs on that! well anyways. gbye