Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm beginning to think I have a sign pinned to my back that says 'Charity case.' Or, perhaps, I'm wearing it on my face, in the form of blood-shot eyes framed in black. Regardless, in the past two weeks, I've thrice been been victim to what I've called a Chance F-D-B-ing.

The first occurrence was in Fazoli's. After porting two small children to a table--while carrying a pager in my mouth, balancing a booster seat on my head, and steering a high chair with my right leg--a lady from a neighboring church in Winona Lake sneaked up behind me. "Hi. We wanted to pay for your dinner. We remember how hard this stage was." She set two Five Dollar Bills on the table and returned to her husband.

Less than one week later, my in-laws agreed to babysit while Liz and I went out to eat. She won a gift card to a swank, local restaurant; it was burning a hole in our appetites. When her parents arrived at our house, her dad reached into his back pocket, retrieved his wallet, and pulled out some cash. "Take your time. This should be enough for two movie tickets, popcorn and a drink," he said, handing me the bills.

The third F-D-B-ing happened at the grocery store. An unexpected hand grasped mine. "Get something special for the girls," it said. I turned and immediately recognized a colleague. He sped off without another word. He had slipped me a five spot.

Three chance encounters; three acts of charity. (Is this tax-deductible?)

As a theologian, I use the term 'chance' rather loosely. Obviously, God is trying to teach me something (and/or empower the cash-carrying culprits). And I think the lesson is this: In God's economy, there is no place for chance, but plenty of space for cash.

Now if I could just convince my VISA card of this...


Warriorofprayer said...

I know how u feel sir. Charity is something I'd rather give to than receive from. It makes me feel guilty if some1 does charity for me because of all people that could use it I am one of the least deserving. I try 2 do good from my heart and do it for the good of others but I am not always successful. I do not like 2 fail when I try 2 do good for it makes me feel guilty. Makes me feel guilty because not only do I fail myself but more importantly I fail them. It bugs me but I am not perfect and shall not be until I die. People have said I am to hard on myself and I guess I am. And now as I continue 2 go off subject i shall try 2 get back on subject. God gives charity 2 people in need and r deserving. Even the undeserving can also be given charity by God. Sometimes it is not always known why you get charity from people but there is always a reason and a lesson 2 learn. You can learn from almost everything, it just matters how u look at it. So do not worry if charity is given to you every once in a while for there is always a reason. Trust in God and hope for the best. For now goodbye. May god be with u all.
Yours Truly,
"one who fights upon his knees"

Sprained Ankle said...

God looks at more than the OUTCOME, He peers intimately into the effort.

What does it mean to be 'one of the least deserving'? Failure and felt guilt, do these make a person undeserving of charity?

Perhaps the one most in need of God's charity, is the one least charitable to him/herself.