Monday, January 7, 2008

Why I Won't Marry Rob Bell

Rob Bell and I are both male, each with our own wives. This is the simple answer. But we diverge on other issues, as well.

I have two daughters; he has two sons. I produce my own videos; he has the professionals at NOOMA do his. I prefer the Dead Sea Scrolls; He prefers the Mishnah. I pastor a church of 80; he leads a church of 10,000. And I wasn't quoted in a the current Relevant Magazine calling America's idea of church "an absolute total failure" (pg. 67).

Nevertheless, I can't help but enjoy the man's repainting of the Christian faith. I just finished reading Velvet Elvis two days ago.

It reads quickly.

Like a blog.

In fragments and short paragraphs.

You'll be done in eight minutes.

Each chapter is called a movement. (I use the same word when I preach about the 'gospel' or 'kingdom of God.') Although the sections read like disparate essays, the whole book creates an engaging look at Christianity within our spiritually-sensitive-but-institutionally-adverse society.

The Movements:
  1. Theology is more like springs of a trampoline than bricks in a wall.
  2. The Word of God is alive today, calling us to unleash it creatively in our lives.
  3. The truth of God is everywhere, not preserved in 'sacred' spaces.
  4. God's healing must reach our hearts.
  5. Jesus calls us to himself because he can make us into something.
  6. God's re-creation should be more central than a Christian's depravity.
  7. The gospel is cosmic, social, spiritual, and good.

While I'm not on my knee right now, I do propose you read it.

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Jordan said...

your incites always amaze me. so clever. I'm glad your sticking to your wife and not having an affair or doing the multiple wives thing.

I wish we could chat more often than just on the web. I could learn a lot from you.

Catylist (sp.?) this year?