Monday, December 17, 2007

Snowed-in, Sugar-Rushed, and Sermon-Deprived

On Saturday night Liz and I opened our house for a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Twenty-five folks from our church came, bearing gifts of sugar, frankincense, and cane. The spoils would be my comfort the following morning at the news:

...Leesburg Grace Brethren church, all services canceled...

Church was canceled for the second consecutive week. A week ago the culprit was ice; this week it was snow. The sky fell for more than sixteen hours, and when I didn't see a single car on the road Sunday morning, I was afraid I missed the apocalypse. The radio fed my suspicions:

...Christ's Covenant church, all services canceled; Precious Moments church of the Divine Nativity, services rescheduled for Christmas eve; Holy Faith church of the Four Seasons, all services canceled until spring...

I was disappointed; my sermons were getting forced into preservation, but I was out of good Tupperware. (They were filled with cookies.) What is a pastor to do when he cannot preach?

...Winona Lake Grace Brethren church, all services canceled; church of Laodicea, services may or may not meet; The Historic-Universal-Apostolic Church, all services moved to your home...

Well, like all good Christian men, he throws his children in snow drifts, drinks hot chocolate with his wife, shovels the driveway, sings Christmas carols by the tree, eats three dozen cookies, takes four hours to reflect on the NFL*, and spends the evening in fellowship with close friends.

In a word, we rejoice.

(*After reviewing the play, the call on the field is overturned. Four hours of watching the NFL cannot be deemed reflective. Pastor Tim is charged his final Time Out.)

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