Monday, October 22, 2007


My reading comprehension level is directly proportionate to my proximity to a computer. For every foot I place between myself and the computer screen, I gain seven extra minutes of reading. It's simple mathematics--1:7.

The problem with my office at the church is the computer in it. The machine sits eight inches from the edge of my desk, seven feet from the door, and eight feet from my comfy chair. At best, I'm an hour from a distraction. An email. A blog. A perusal of NFL statistics. An online bank transfer.

But I've found a solution. I call it a reading sabbath. This week I'm going away. With a book, a Bible, and a memo pad, I'm going to put miles between myself and this place. And since a mile equals 5280 feet, I should have at least three days before something steals my attention.

That is, of course, if no one calls my cell phone.

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theendisforever said...

This is your new friend Jordan. You know the one that suffered through Catylist (I spelled that wrong because I'm an idiot) with you. I wish to be a link on your site and a friend for many years to come.

shameless self promotion!

I love you.