Monday, October 8, 2007

The Confession

Each week our church has a confession. We draw truths from the Scripture about our identity in Christ. We read the confession, recite it aloud, and then I encourage everyone to revisit it during the week.

Few do. Perhaps it seems to puerile. Too obvious. Too boring.Or, perhaps it takes too much faith.

One girl who faithfully reads the confessions admits they are difficult to say. Admitting you're glorious when you don't feel your glory seems contradictory. But that's the point. Often glory isn't felt because it isn't stated. Quietly held truth rarely grips us.

The Identity element for the week is: I am a Masterpiece (Psalm 8; Jer 18; Eph 2:10). Here is our confession:
  • I am MOLDED by the Master Artist
  • I am VISIBLE
  • I am USEFUL
Do I believe this? Probably more spoken than typed.


Casey said...

Do you all discuss these things personally, together?...I wonder if people talking into each others lives and how they see you/me as "Masterpiece..." etc would make it more aware. Without that I wonder if it would be no more than looking in the mirror and saying, "people DO like me."

Sprained Ankle said...

Ahhhh. Perhaps it sounds closer to Stuart Smalley ("I'm good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me"), but the subject of our affection is not people, it is God. Generally, people will admit that God loves them (it is His nature, right?, see 1 John 4:7ff), but most will hesitate, at least for a moment, before saying "God likes me." That moment's pause is pregnant with uncertainty, because we link 'like' to performance not identity.

I'm more and more convinced that if we do not (A)like/love ourselves (i.e. see our true identity), we will have a difficult time (B)loving/liking others. I long to worship regularly with a church body that discusses these things "personally, together...into each others lives." And when it lacks, I assume because A has not come before B.

Casey said...

Gotcha....Although, I don't know about the Chicken before the Egg part...I don't think we can even begin to understand God's love for us, or our love for ourselves, WITHOUT people speaking it into our lives. Both A and B are needed together, not one before the other...

Casey said...

love reading your posts, by the way!

Sprained Ankle said...

Thanks. And I agree: both/and.