Thursday, October 4, 2007

Catalyst and Conformity

I'm wearing a Don't Conform shirt. I was one of eleven thousand people who got the shirt free today, proceeds of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace ministry. One of eleven thousand people challenged to purge his life from consumerism, while booth-hopping for schwag and iPod drawings. Every ninety minutes one in eleven thousand will win.

This is the emerging, relevant, next generation church. It is cool, hip, and committed to redeeming the church from Christianity and restore it to the Way of Jesus. They do it with Pomade and embroidered button ups; they do it with pop culture and social concern. They do it with with people under forty.

I would be one, but my shirt encourages me not to conform (so does the free Bible I received, compliments of Tyndale).

Fortunately, my generation balances its appetite for image with a genuine love for Jesus. They show it in their growing concern for both mediate and global communities, biblical practice, and gaining an audience with unchurched people. They will gather, even if too groomed, at events like Catalyst to share in the movement of God. And they will listen to seasoned leaders cast vision and spout wisdom on shepherding the church.

That I can conform to.

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