Thursday, September 6, 2007

Delaware GBC Weekend Retreat

Over Labor Day weekend I attended a four-day retreat, and I'm still recovering. I was the speaker for DelawareGBC youth, bringing Jesus before their eyes. Before the first message, my sinuses were suffering cockpit pressure. By the second message, my voice had departed. Fortunately there was a microphone.

High school retreats comprise a fascinating sub-category of youth ministry. They are relationally intensive and emotionally sensitive, rivaling only Steve Fee's worship band in its spiritual effect. By the end of the weekend, everyone loved everyone else; every represented high school was on the Tipping Point of the next Great Awakening; and everyone who was previously uncertain about his previous spiritual commitments was pushed through womb of conversion one more time.

Truly, it was a beautiful thing.

Now they are home. God be with them!


Gary Underwood said...

Thanks again for a great weekend. I am hearing nothing but good things from students and parents. We really appreciate your extra time and effort put into this whole event. I only wish Jennie and I could have been there too!
In Christ,
Gary U.

mryounkin said...

Tim!!! I found your blog! How are you doing man? Life in Delaware is cold, but God is showing me some amazing things. I am going through Experiencing God and I am blown away...


You need to come and visit us sometime...

or maybe, we need to come visit you... hmm


Sleep peacefully in God's grace and love,