Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marketing and Communion

Grace College students have returned this week for the 07 Fall semester, and the greater Warsaw (IN) area is in a stir to recruit. Personally, I feel funny putting up posters that advertise our church. We're not a product or production. We're a called out people. Regardless, we're vying for ten new students.

Some churches are handing out pens; others loaves of bread; several have promised laundry, meals, and a home-away-from-home where no chores are required. One promised to put students to work.

I want to offer Jesus to the students, but he's hard to package. Actually, he did that once, and the result was rather deadly. I'd assume we leave him in enthroned in heaven and stick to handing out wafers and grape juice.

That is, indeed, his body. That is, in fact, his blood.

Community and communion--quite the slogan. Now if I can find some fonts and graphics to accompany it...

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